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Hybrid event joining instructions

Whether you are joining us in Bristol or remotely, we hope to make your experience at our “Tech meets sustainable clothing” as enjoyable as possible.

For those joining in person

Please update your RSVP if you can not longer make it. This helps us order the right amount of food.

Finding us Join us from 6pm for a 6.30pm event start at the Engine Shed, which is on the entrance to Temple Meads train station. View Engine Shed’s find us page. There’s plenty of bike parking outside the venue. Car parking can be found within a few minutes walk at Temple Meads and the NCP behind the Holiday Inn. Taxis will drop off and pick up outside the main Temple Meads station. On arrival join us on the first floor. We’ll put a few posters up to make sure it’s obvious. There is a lift at the front of the building from the main entrance to the first floor and there is a wheelchair accessible toilet available. We’re on hand should anyone need any further assistance.

Food and drink We’re ordering in vegetarian and vegan pizza and there’ll be a selection of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). You’re welcome to bring your own food and drink as well, and eat once the speakers get started.

Cameras If you are uncomfortable with being in our photos or captured on camera for any reason whatsoever, please let us know at the reception desk when you arrive.

For those joining remotely

What are the timings? We’ll open the online room at 18.20 UK time, and the event will officially start at 18.30. We’ll be finished by 8pm UK time.

How do I join the session? Join us by going to, which takes you to a CrowdCast page. The link is also visible on our meet-up page in the comments section.

Do I need to download an app to use CrowdCast? No. CrowdCast does not require you to download anything to use it. You can join the meet-up in any browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge, but it does seem that Chrome is best, especially if you want to do a 60 sec intro (more below).

Do I need to login to CrowdCast? Yes. You do this through clicking the ‘Save my spot’ button. If you haven’t used CrowdCast before we recommend creating your login in advance – it just requires your email address. You can set a password or have the system email you a one-off link to join the meeting. The login link usually takes a minute or two to arrive. We won’t be capturing or using the email address you register with for anything at all.

Can I join via mobile? Yes. You can join CrowdCast via mobile and the chat feature is available. However, the best experience is on a larger screen. But mobile will work just fine.

Will you be able to see or hear other attendees? No. Unlike a Zoom, Google hangout or Skype meeting, you can’t automatically see or hear attendees using CrowdCast. The event admins, Ellen, Hannah and Mike can invite people to the screen (more below). For the majority of the event you will only be able to see the organisers, our speakers, and their slides. So feel free to wear what you please, and eat and drink whilst the event takes place – the only requirement is that you are comfortable!

Is there a way to speak to other attendees? Yes, but only in writing throughout the event. CrowdCast has a group chat feature that allows attendees to write messages. We’ll encourage everyone to use this to introduce themselves and chat during the event. We love a lively chat feed, it makes online events so much more rewarding for all we think!

What are the community 60 sec intros? We run this informal slot right at the beginning of the event to enable any attendee to introduce themselves or share something with the group. We enable your video and sound so that you can broadcast. Please ensure you have a strong and reliable internet connection otherwise you will have trouble joining. We’ll give you more details on this at the start of the event.

Do you record the event? Yes. We will email everyone that RSVPed with a link to the recording shortly after the event. We will also make a copy of the speaker’s slides available too.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. You can email us at or post a comment on the meetup event page.