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How the adoption of reused and remanufactured tech can turn the tide on e-waste

Anthony Levy CEO of Cistor for Green Tech South West talking us through why remanufactured tech should be the first choice in order to turn the tide on e-waste

Event overview

Green Tech South West welcomes Anthony Levy and Louise Whitaker from Cistor, to talk us through what using remanufactured and refurbished ICT actually means.

This sector shows how there is a huge – and largely untapped – opportunity to move from a linear to circular model, thereby keeping resources in use for longer. Extending the life of tech through remanufacturing and reuse enables us to turn off the tap of e-waste.

Anthony and Louise discuss their experience of deploying reused and remanufactured technology in critical situations such as hospitals, aircraft carriers, stock exchanges and banks. Drawing on real examples from their own industry, and parallel industries such as the automotive sector, they share concrete lessons on how we can break down the barriers to reusing existing hardware (or hardware technology).

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About Anthony

Anthony Levy is the CEO of Cistor, a specialist in network infrastructure transformation and leading Cisco Premier Partner. For more than a decade, Anthony has specialised in promoting the importance of the Circular Economy and its role in the IT industry, devoting his time to ensuring the rapid process of technological change can be supported in a sustainable way. Anthony is a keen cyclist, runner and general explorer.

About Louise

Louise Whitaker is Head of Marketing and Sustainability at Cistor. She’s excited by the challenge of changing perceptions of remanufactured technology. She firmly believes in enabling all teams to contribute to their businesses sustainability goals, certain in the belief that those who embed sustainability into every facet of their business will succeed in the long term. Louise is a keen trail runner, swimmer and yogi and is currently embroiled in complex mind-games with her new puppy!

You can read our short interview with Louise ahead of her talk.

Watch the event video

To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, here’s the key timings in the video:

👋 08:30 – A welcome from your meet-up organisers, Ellen, Hannah and Mike with a brief overview of GTSW and what we’re about

📢 14:33 – Our famous 60 second intros – a chance for attendees to introduce themselves, ask for help and tell us about something the group might find interesting

💚 21:53 – Anthony and Louise’s talk

❓ 53:21 – Q&A session

🗓️ 01:02:00 – Round-up, other community notices and next event announcement

❓ 01:11:04 – Final round of questions.

Resources and links

One of the perks of holding events online, and having such a wonderful and engaging community, is we share a huge amount of useful resources and information throughout the event. Here’s a summary of what we unearthed.

Anthony and Vanessa’s slides

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