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How to lighten your footprint on the planet, using tech for good

Jo Hand, co-founder of Giki for Green Tech South West to talk about Giki Zero and Giki Badges, two tools they have developed to measure, track and reduce your carbon footprint

Event overview

Green Tech South West welcomes Jo Hand, co-founder of Giki to talk about Giki Badges and Giki Zero, two tools they’ve developed to measure, track and reduce your carbon footprint.

Giki Zero helps you to discover your footprint, find steps to reduce it and celebrate your successes while GikiBadges is an app to help you find sustainable and healthy products in the UK supermarket. Just scan the barcode, see which badges the product wins and check out the alternatives for new ideas.

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About Jo

Jo is responsible for spreading the word and using analysis to help people live more sustainably. She is a former investigative journalist (BBC and Channel 4) and social enterprise chairman. Jo has previously worked on Executive team at CDP.

You can read our short interview with James Hand, co-founder of Giki, ahead of Jo’s talk.

Watch the event video

To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, here’s the key timings in the video:

👋 14:44 – A welcome from your meet-up organisers, Ellen, Hannah and Mike with a brief overview of GTSW and what we’re about

📢 20:45 – Our famous 60 second intros – a chance for attendees to introduce themselves, ask for help and tell us about something the group might find interesting

💚 26:50 – Jo’s talk

❓ 01:00:24 – Q&A session

🗓️ 01:12:10 – Round-up, other community notices and next event announcement

❓ 01:17:02 – Final round of questions.

Resources and links

One of the perks of holding events online, and having such a wonderful and engaging community, is we share a huge amount of useful resources and information throughout the event. Here’s a summary of what we unearthed.

Jo’s slides

Browse Jo’s slides below: