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Meet our new sponsors – ‘The Discourse’

We’re delighted to welcome a new sponsor to support our community! The Discourse are a UK-based design agency that support businesses and charities in shifting the narrative in society and industry with Green Tech being a key focus.

Ed is a keen attendee at our events and I caught up with him to find out more;

Can you tell us more about The Discourse and the services you provide?

The Discourse is a design agency based at Future Leap in Bristol. We support businesses and charities in shifting the narrative in society and industry. The organisations we work with are already doing so much good in the world, we just make sure that the right people know about it and that they are recognised for the incredible work they do.

We are on a mission to accelerate and amplify the world’s changemakers, to help make their impact bigger, deeper, louder and more sustainable. We have an experienced team made up of creative thinkers, designers, writers and illustrators – and bring an interesting range of cultural influences to our work, with team members based in Portugal, Indonesia and Australia, as well as here in the UK.

Our services, which we describe as ‘strategic brand building services’, are designed to help businesses and charities drive action, and ensure customers, users and investors understand their proposition at the first glance. They cover three main pillars: Brand Strategy & Design, Website & UX Design, Content Strategy & Production.

What has been the journey so far and what are your plans for the future?

Previously known as Garrett Creative, we first registered the business in September 2020. Prior to that our founders were working as freelance designers in the UK and Asia. Our ‘Design for Good’ ethos has always been central to our mission and vision, prior to 2020 this was focused on supporting local charities and nonprofits, but after visiting the Festival of Sustainable Business in 2019, we started to explore work and partnerships within the purpose-led business space.

We know that you do lots to support Green Tech businesses, can you tell us more about that?

As a team we’re very passionate about Green Tech and the innovative solutions that are coming out of the South West. We have a natural synergy with Green Tech businesses, and through our passion for technology and sustainability we have developed our expertise in the sector – helping Green Tech start-ups and scale-up to communicate with clarity, build human connections, and align potential investors with their goals for people, planet and profit.

We’re constantly amazed by the individuals and businesses that we meet in this space. Whether it’s agri-tech software, renewable energy tech or organic compounds and materials, the range of work taking place is incredible and we see this happening on a global scale.

We’re delighted that you’ll be joining us as a sponsor for our events, what prompted your decision to get involved?

We want to do as much as we can to support the Green Tech movement. That goes well beyond the work we do directly as an agency and so when the opportunity came up to partner with such an incredible community of people and businesses it was an absolute no brainer. We’ve also known Hannah Smith for years and really admire her work with Green Web Foundation, so there’s a personal connection to GTSW as well.

What do you make of the Bristol & Bath emerging Green Tech scene?

It’s impressive to say the least. Both Issy and Ed grew up in Bristol, we’re very proud of the region and consider Bristol and Bath as some of the pioneering UK cities in sustainability and green technology. There’s an element of concern to that too. We’re very fortunate to be based in such a forward thinking part of the country, but it’s important not to get too comfortable or complacent. We all have a responsibility to take the message of sustainability as far as we possibly can.

How do people best connect with you?

We’ve recently launched our new website so that is a great place to start, you can find it at You can also reach out by email using or you can call us on 0117 945 8730. Our vision for the partnership with GTSW goes well beyond sponsorship, we want to help you to spread the word and we plan to be very present at the events. So connect with our founders on LinkedIn and come and have a chat!