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The Hydrogen Hype – what it can and cannot contribute to our Paris goals

Expansions of renewables is key. Ulrike Hinz for Green Tech South West giving a balanced overview of the hydrogen hype.

Event Overview

Green Tech South West welcomes Ulrike Hinz, Policy Advisor for climate and energy at WWF Germany, to give us an overview of how hydrogen can fit into a more sustainable world.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the world with huge potential to provide the energy needed to transition away from fossil fuels. So much so, the EU plans to invest a whopping $550 billion into hydrogen production and infrastructure, and the hydrogen market is predicted to be worth trillions by 2050.

So why isn’t everyone talking about hydrogen all the time? The reality is that hydrogen is a tricky substance to both produce and work with.

We’ve invited the hugely knowledgeable Ulrike to give us an introduction to hydrogen and it’s derivatives, and to help us understand the pros and cons of this technology.

She’ll explain how realistic it is that hydrogen can help us achieve our Paris Agreement climate goals and talk us through:

  • How hydrogen can be produced
  • Where it should be used (industry, transport etc.)
  • What key challenges and chances we are facing globally.

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About Ulrike

At WWF Germany, Ulrike works on the national climate protection policy level, specifically on renewable energies and the hydrogen economy.

Previously, she worked as a research assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute, at a young company in the field of electromobility/energy and in strategy development at the transmission system operator 50Hertz. Ulrike has a B.A. and M.A. in International Business with a focus on Strategic Management and Sustainability in Berlin, Melbourne and Prague, and an MBA in Energy Management at the Technical University of Berlin.

She co-founded her own sustainability hub in Berlin ( to promote clean energy and a climate friendly life. Besides, she loves hiking, travelling, dancing and enjoying time with friends & family.

You can read our short interview with Ulrike ahead of her talk.

Watch the event video

To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, here’s the key timings in the video:

👋 09:13 – A welcome from your meet-up organisers, Ellen, Hannah and Mike with a brief overview of GTSW and what we’re about

📢 15:54 – Our famous 60 second intros – a chance for attendees to introduce themselves, ask for help and tell us about something the group might find interesting

💚 26:47 – Ulrike’s talk

❓ 53:23 – Q&A session

🗓️ 01:06:48 – Round-up, other community notices and next event announcement

One of the perks of holding events online, and having such a wonderful and engaging community, is we share a huge amount of useful resources and information throughout the event. Here’s a summary of what we unearthed.

Ulrike’s slides

If you’d like to browse Ulrike’s slides please email us at and we will email you over a copy.

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