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Hybrid event with speakers from Greener and Ecologi

Green Tech South West's first ever hybrid event featuring Mehrnaz Tajmir, co-founderof Greener and Elliot Coad, co-founder of Ecologi.

Green Tech South West presents our first hybrid event with insightful talks combining tech and sustainability with brilliants speakers Mehrnaz Tajmir from Greener (based in Bath) and Elliot Coad from Ecologi (based near Bristol).

Greener: clean-tech solutions for agri-food businesses

Mehrnaz Tajrmir, COO and co-founder of Greener, speaking at Green Tech South West's hybrid event on Greener: clean-tech solutions for agri-food businesses

Agri-food SME (small and medium sized enterprise) sector is suffering from a two-sided market failure. A side that is seeking to bring sustainability to their supply chains but lacks the resources to know where to start and a side that is providing those sustainable solutions (both products and services) but lacks the resources and visibility to be seen by the right buyer. This market failure is a significant contributor to this sector’s GHG emissions.

Our solution is aiming to bring these two sides together through matchmaking and help businesses discover, connect and form partnerships that are fit for their specific needs. We are passionate about making sustainability accessible and available for SMEs because they are the ones that turn the wheels of the economy and yet have the least amount of access to capital and resources to bring sustainability to their supply chains.

About Mehrnaz

Mehrnaz Tajmir is Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Greener. She’s a mechanical engineer, turned supply chain researcher, turned founder. She’s passionate about making sustainability something that is normal and embedded in our everyday life rather than a nice-to-have.

You can read our short interview with Mehrnaz ahead of her talk.

New Technology For Climate Hope

Elliot Coad, CEO and co-founder of Ecologi, speaking at Green Tech South West Hybrid event on new technologies for climate hope

All throughout history it’s been tools that have led to great advancements of humanity (e.g. chisel, compass, smartphone). What tool is it we pick up when we act on climate change? What do we do when it is time to “act now”?

In this talk from Ecologi’s CEO, Elliot explores the incredible opportunity of technology, and how signs of a climate revolution are around the corner.
Tune in for reasons to be hopeful, and be inspired by the opportunity you have as technologists to help stabilise our planet.

Since launching in 2019, Ecologi finds their community leading the way, with planting of over 37 million trees and supporting dozens of other climate solutions.

Ecologi’s mission is to simplify climate progress and harness the power of collective action to rapidly reverse climate change. They provide businesses and individuals the tools to supercharge their own contributions on their way to achieving net zero. They make major impact affordable, radically transparent, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Watch the event video

To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, here are the key timings in the video:

👋 08:31- A welcome from your meet-up organisers, Ellen, Hannah and Mike with a brief overview of GTSW and what we’re about

📢 09:39- Our famous 60-second intros – a chance for attendees to introduce themselves, ask for help and tell us about something the group might find interesting

💚 18:22 – Mehrnaz’s talk

💚 34:39 – Elliot’s talk

❓ 58:00 – Q&A session

Our speakers have been kind enough to share their slides with us, they can be found below.

Mehrnaz’s slides


Or you can download the slides.

Elliot’s slides


Or you can download the slides.

Community 60 second intros

Nigel Smith – Bristol based Animator creating films about health and sustainability. Currently working with graduates from UWE Bristol, Nigel is available for 121’s to help you arrange a story board and turn that into a stop-work animation.

Email to get in touch!

Tom Locke – Founder and Creative Director of Noughts & One’s, a Bristol based eCommerce agency and our wonderful event sponsors. They are helping planet conscious brands sell their products in the right way, specialising in Shopify with a focus on ethical design and sustainable development.

Laurent Perge – From SETSquared in Bath, Laurent leads the West of England Sustainable Technologies Scale Up Programme at the University of Bath where they offer free business support to companies wanting to integrate sustainability in to their core business model. He provides businesses with access to academics the university of Bath to help start those important conversations!

Ash Phillips – Founder of Dffrnt. Dffrnt is an alternative start-up/support ecosystem who is on a mission to democratise entrepreneurship, so that anyone, anywhere can start & grow a business, with high-quality, accessible support. They do both advisory and consultancy work for any one building communities, having spent the last 12 months as an angel investor for a VC firm they are keen to hear from anyone looking for funding!

Andrew Brennwald – One of lovely volunteers, Andrew has relocated to the UK from the States where he volunteered for tech, diversity and inclusion initiatives for around 5 years. Now in the UK, he’s starting a game studio, Rewild Studios, that makes games about environmentalism, combining environmentalism, education and technology to produce games with the aim of bringing brilliant minds into climate awareness space through entertainment. Andrew is keen to hear from fellow Unity/Game Developers or environmental scientist looking to consult on the making of the game. If this is you, get in touch!

Martin Joiner– Bristol based developer with a strong interest in environmental sciences. Also a talented artist, Martin is currently developing his portfolio as a concept artist around a pessimistic view of the future.

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