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We chat to Sandra Pallier from Climate Action Tech

Panel discussion: How can tech workers take action on climate change in 2022?

Green Tech South West brings together some wonderful people from organisations in the digital tech community, all working to surface and implement meaningful change to the tech industry’s impact on climate change.

Join us for an insightful and carefully curated panel discussion that will provide inspiration and practical advice on how YOU can get involved in making positive change within the tech industry in 2022.

We’re looking forward to welcoming Sandra Pallier, Lead Organiser at (CAT)

CAT is a community of tech workers seeding climate action in companies, organisations and industries through deep, self-organized community building and support.

How did you get involved in working with CAT?

Sandra: I joined the community in 2019 because I had reached a point where I had taken a lot of lifestyle change actions and I was ready for more. I immediately jumped on a project creating a tech workers climate pledge and a few months later I joined the organizing team. Two years later I’m still here and very much enjoying being a CAT.

Why do you feel it is important for tech workers to take action on climate change?

Sandra: Many folks in tech have a lot of power and influence and the tech industry intersects with lots of other industries. We can use this to demand more from our employers and inspire climate action in other industries.

What do you think blocks more people working in tech to take action?

Sandra: Not knowing where to start and feeling alone. CAT is trying to help with both of those issues. We’re here to help tech workers become effective change agents — equipping them with an understanding of where and how they can make a difference and providing a space to practice talking about climate, exchange ideas and connect with others.

What tech solutions do you think are valuable to healing climate change, and what do you think are white elephants / a waste of time?

Sandra: It’s a waste of time to buy into the message that tech will save us! Tech alone won’t be the solution and if we’re not careful it’ll continue to add to the problem. Tech is a great accelerator and we need to ensure that we accelerate solutions that don’t exacerbate harmful systems.

Thankyou Sandra for the chat.  

Sandra will take the virtual stage at our meetup on Thursday 9th of December at 12.30pm. Head over to the meetup page to RSVP for free. (

About Green Tech South West:

We’re here to provide you with expert insight and thought-provoking discussions on how technology can improve our physical environment and battle the massive, urgent issue of climate change. We are a community/people-focused group with an open and inclusive ethos. We run regular meetups, both physical and virtual, with a range of lightning presentations, round-room debates and panel discussions from those working or researching green technology. Sponsored by ADLIB and supported by Future Leap Network and Climate Action Tech